“Our church leaders and members were wrestling through issues of mental health care, boundaries, legal responsibilities, and working with the mental health care community following an incident that took place during a small group meeting.  As a ministry, we felt very unequipped to address these issues. … However, Alice was available to coach and train our leaders to handle these issues and — more importantly — to care more deeply for our people.  With Alice’s guidance, our ministry took a formative journey from being a place of gathering to becoming a place of healing.”  Pastor at Open Door Presbyterian Church


"...considering separation or divorce...finding grace and sharing that grace in your marriage can be the ultimate lifeline in the marriage."  Naked and Unashamed Workshop Participant

"I never realized how much of guilt and shame I had....  It was personally the most amazing session for me because it unveiled the arrogance that I didn't even know was in me."  Naked and Unashamed Workshop Participant

"When we first came to you, we were so broken, full of doubt and negativity, and lost. ...but we feel so restored and renewed from our journey these past 8 months. ...Thank you so much for all your wisdom, kindness, and understanding." 
Client Couple


“Your presentation was absolutely superb!  You gave us information that is both useful and enlightening.  I know our clients and our staff will greatly benefit.”  Senior Clinician, Team Supervisor at Woodburn Center for Community Mental Health


“The seminar was comprehensive and very informative.  It touched upon several points and delved into the theoretical and practical aspects of each topic.  A lot of the information provided a strong foundation for improving our skills in serving others and helped the full range of learners that were present.”  Ministry Leader

"Greatly appreciated honest personal sharing. Appreciated Alice's clinical background - lots of wisdom without being too 'clinical'." Naked and Unashamed Workshop Participant

“I thought they were good speakers, not just the information they gave, but the way in which they presented it.  I really appreciated the way they ended – the 7 things you should tell your children.” Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) Participant


“Relevant topic, great speakers. [H]onest and humble. [N]ot pushy about their methods, simply informative. Very enjoyable and useful! Thanks!!”  Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) Participant


“It was especially helpful in equipping us to be effective in our new roles, giving us the knowledge on how to connect with those we were ministering to, the levels of communication, how to speak the truth in love, and how to offer a clear picture of hope.  She is truly a wonderful asset and resource to our congregation. …”  Stephen Minister


"I really appreciated the points on forgiveness. This new perspective on forgiveness and grace will transform our relationship." Naked and Unashamed Workshop Participant