• Alice Kim

Life in Seconds Part Two

After a full day of school, work or family, most of us are totally exhausted from constantly giving and producing. So our usual method of relaxing is to “veg out,” escape or distract ourselves with some form of electronics, media or type of drug (acceptable or non). This becomes our preferred and normative means of rest.

Perhaps there’s a better option that seems counter-intuitive because it requires engagement rather than numbing from life’s realities. I’m referring to the practice of reflection – when we are replenished and rejuvenated by savoring the very seconds that make up our daily life.

It was only two years ago when I was reminded of God’s generous love for me in a tangible and unmistakable way. We had been looking for a rental home for over six months. Our search was complicated and frustrated by a low credit score (for a variety of reasons) which was made it nearly impossible for our housing application to be approved.

Whenever we’d apply for a home that I was excited about (my husband wasn’t as nearly as opinionated as I was), we’d repeatedly ended up being rejected. It was a very disheartening process which slowly wore me down emotionally, physically and even spiritually. I distinctly remember thinking that if God wanted our family to live in a home irrespective of the cosmetic details, I would have to learn gratitude and to guard my heart from complaining.

By God’s sheer grace, a home owner approved our housing application! They took a ‘risk’ and gave us a chance that we didn’t deserve. This was nothing short of a miracle!

As I reflected back on this experience, I was struck by how our home showcased God’s intimate love and kindness. Not only did He meet our basic needs for shelter but the Lord provided a home that reflected my aesthetic perferences. This realization ministered to my soul and settled deep in my heart.

A song that I heard from a mission conference came to mind, “He loves me. He loves me. I can really say I know.” I sang these words over and over again, simply resting in this life-changing revelation and hope-giving truth.

When was the last time you personally experienced grace in your life and then reflected on that experience?

Have you rested recently in God’s lavish love for you?

Today, take some time to reflect on these life’s seconds. They can yield deep refreshment for your soul.

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