• Alice Kim

Life in Seconds Part One

As a wireless 4G generation, we’re accustomed to getting things now if not yesterday. When we send a text, we expect an instantaneously response. If the response time is longer than expected, we anxiously make note of each passing moment. This is when we most often notice time. But I wonder if we fully recognize the literal seconds in our lives that impact us for ill or for good.

One of these “life in seconds” came to my attention recently.

My daughter ended breakfast with one last mouthful of orange juice. Rather than swallowing it, she had decided to gargle it like mouthwash. Shortly thereafter, I heard, splat.

The orange juice left her mouth and landed on the hardwood floor. Laughter immediately followed from the sheer surprise of the moment. But any humor gained was lost when my daughter caught the expression on my face.

This exchange of expressions happened in a matter of seconds.

As I handed my daughter a wet paper towel to clean up the mess, I caught myself avoiding eye contact with her. I wondered what she interpreted from my face? Perhaps she construed from my lack of eye contact my disapproval, displeasure, and annoyance over the disruption to my otherwise uneventful morning.

My daughter’s playfulness and carelessness resulted in orange juice on the floor. Yet, my hurtful response to the situation revealed my heart, for which I have been sorrowful for and repentant of. Moreover, I realize how it was in the seconds, when I communicated the loudest. Ironically, it’s not in what was spoken but in silence - my eyes, my look and my posture.

On the night that Jesus was arrested and later cruxified, the vocal and adamant Apostle Peter caught the attention of Jesus. As was foretold, Peter denied Jesus three times. And on the third denial, the rooster crowed. Perhaps it was within seconds of the rooster’s crow that, “ … the Lord turned and looked straight at Peter“ (Luke 22: 61a).

I wonder what was communicated in Jesus’ look? Perhaps, his eyes were filled with compassion, sorrow, grace, gentleness, strength, and assurance. It’s in these seconds, Jesus’ heart is communicated clearly and profoundly.

What would happen if we began to notice the seconds in our lives?

How would our parenting, marriage, friendships, and daily interactions change for good?

Life's seconds matter.

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