• Alice Kim

The Unnamed Woman

The story is told in Matthew 9:18-26 where Jesus is approached by a “ruler” pleading for the resurrection of his now dead daughter. Jesus responds. But embedded in this story is another story.

An unnamed woman had been suffering from an undiagnosed chronic bleeding for the past 12 years. How fatigued, discouraged, and hopeless she must have been feeling? Somehow, she finds what remains of courage to hope once again. She reaches for Jesus’ clothes and is “immediately…healed from her suffering.” (Mark 5:29)

Jesus could have continued on his journey given what was awaiting him. Instead, he purposefully stops and intentionally connects with this woman. His response is nothing short of beautiful. He dares to call her “daughter”.

Compared to the deceased young girl who had a father who advocated on her behalf, this unnamed woman was suffering alone.Yet Jesus offers her more than physical healing. He restores her dignity and gives her a brand new identity.

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