Post Party Reaction Part Two

In part 1, Birthday Party Gone Awry, I considered the significance of the dance at Herod’s birthday party. For it was the dance that put the fate of John the Baptist in a girl’s hand. Here, I reflect on Jesus’ response to the tragic news. Matthew 14:13 says, “Now when Jesus heard this, he withdrew from there in a boat to a desolate place by himself.” John the Baptist played a unique role in the life and ministry of Jesus. He leaped inside his mother’s womb when he learned of Jesus’ coming birth. He faithfully fulfilled his life’s calling as the forerunner preparing the hearts and minds of people with messages of repentance and baptism. Even in his death, he prepares the tone for J

Birthday Party Gone Awry Part One

It was the best birthday party ever! I was turning 9. After Sunday church service, we headed to our local McDonald’s. A section of the restaurant was marked reserved by red and yellow balloons. The hostess welcomed us by directing our excitement to a pile of empty BigMac styrofoam containers (this was pre recycled paper wrappers and I’m convinced, when the sandwich patties were bigger) and Happy Meal boxes for some friendly games. The celebration continued with us kids exhausting our energy in the McDonald’s themed playground before ending with the singing of “Happy Birthday” and a serving of their very own ice cream cake. Herod the tetrarch had a party too (Matthew 14:6-11). His


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